O’Haras pub at 9/11

It all started as a normal day. I was serving customers as usual, and the mood in the bar was great. We had this guest from Ireland, who told us stories from Saint Patrick’s Day, when a bunch of people suddenly rushed into the bar. I especially remember two of them, a young couple. She was hysterical, and he tried to calm her down, wiping the tears away from her face. Another man was shouting that a plane had crashed into the Northern Tower, which caused the hysterical woman to cry even more. We were all shocked, and rushed to the windows. All we could see was a big hole in the tower, and tons of black smoke coming out. My first reaction was to call my family, and check if everyone was okay. I got a hold of my mother, who could assure me that they were all fine. She wanted me to get away as quickly as possible, so we immediately started to evacuate the bar and prepare it for closing. I wasn’t really thinking at that time, my mind just told me to finish this so that I could leave. I was afraid that this was a terrorist attack, as some people had claimed, but I was holding on to the thought that is was just an accident.

After the bar was closed and all the employees stood outside, we looked up at the two towers. In that exact moment we could see the second plane crash into the South Tower. The sight has been stuck with me ever since. At that time I realized that this was not a coincidence, and I could feel the nerves taking over my body. I just wanted to go somewhere safe, out of fear that something else could happen. All of the staff decided to leave the area, and go home to our families, so that’s what we did. On my way home I could see all these people crying and hugging each other, which in a way actually warmed my heart a little bit. It was heartbreaking, but at the same time it was nice to see that the country came together as one when something terrible happened.


So what?

Hey guys, long time no see!

Recently, my class has watched the movie “The Fifth Estate”, and discussed it in class.

I think that the point of the movie was to enlighten the world about WikiLeaks, and what Julian Assange did. Yes, he did spread the government’s secret documents, but he also make the world open their eyes for government secrecy. I think the teacher made us watch is because it is a movie about something important. WikiLeaks points out that the government keeps many secrets, and shows how much power the government has. Discussing the movie helps everyone understand the movie and its message better.

There are many things that we can learn from this movie, for example that everyone has secrets, even the people we trust the most. Julian kept secrets from Daniel, the government kept secrets from the people, and your best friend might keep secrets from you. The question is if these secrets are being kept for the good or the bad.


Facebook is an online social network, consisting of about 1,32 billion active users. On Facebook you can share pictures, status updates and follow pages that you find interesting. It was founded in 2004 by Marc Zuckerberg, when he was in college. Facebook was meant to be a site where college students could communicate and keep in touch with each others, but it spread and became popular world wide.


I think that Facebook have become an important part of our daily life. A large amount of the population has joined this community, and it makes it easier for them to communicate. I think many people would say that if you do not have a Facebook-account you would be a little outside of the community, because so much is happening online.

Source: Wikipedia (link)

“Our Virtual Shadow” by Damon Brown

The article “Our Virtual Shadow” really points out how addicted we humans are to social medias. The author Damon Brown writes that he and his wife on their wedding day had a discussion, about whether or not they should bring their cellphones. They chose to leave them at home, which made them less focused on the medias, and gave them time to enjoy the wonderful moment they were having. A few months after the wedding they got a request from Brown’s uncle, he wanted to see the official wedding video. He had not been able to enjoy the moment, because he was to busy taking photos of it.


Our cellphones encourages us to capture every moment, so we have something to look back at. This has been done trough centuries, from cavemen who made images on stone walls, to army troops that get the same tattoo right before a battle. To remember certain moments we create anchors, that reminds us of what we experience. These anchors can be physical, like a a page in a diary, or viritual, like posting a picture on social medias. In both these cases we take our time to save these moments, that creates our viritual shadow.

Source: Excerpt from Damon Brown’s book (link)

Change the world

I feel powerful with a keyboard in my hands. Like now. The words I am writing will be read by someone, and maybe, just maybe, will they be affected by them. It is weird how much power words actually can have, if one knows how to use them. Words written can mean a difference to anyone who reads them. Like these words, maybe they will get your brain to think about the strength of your own voice?

Writing this makes me think, what can I actually do? I am just one small person, will my words really have an influence on anybody? I think that I could have a chance, if I can reach out to people. It will take time, that is for sure. No one has ever changed the world over night.

The most important thing I can do is to express my opinions. Without opinions I would be just one in the crowd, like a sheep. And I don’t want to be a sheep. I can not just write “I think …” and leave it with that, it is important to explain. How else will people understand what I mean? People have different opinions, and to be able to affect their thinking I have to argue. With good arguments, I can reach out to people, which hopefully can express my opinions further. That is how it goes, one step at a time.