“Our Virtual Shadow” by Damon Brown

The article “Our Virtual Shadow” really points out how addicted we humans are to social medias. The author Damon Brown writes that he and his wife on their wedding day had a discussion, about whether or not they should bring their cellphones. They chose to leave them at home, which made them less focused on the medias, and gave them time to enjoy the wonderful moment they were having. A few months after the wedding they got a request from Brown’s uncle, he wanted to see the official wedding video. He had not been able to enjoy the moment, because he was to busy taking photos of it.


Our cellphones encourages us to capture every moment, so we have something to look back at. This has been done trough centuries, from cavemen who made images on stone walls, to army troops that get the same tattoo right before a battle. To remember certain moments we create anchors, that reminds us of what we experience. These anchors can be physical, like a a page in a diary, or viritual, like posting a picture on social medias. In both these cases we take our time to save these moments, that creates our viritual shadow.

Source: Excerpt from Damon Brown’s book (link)


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